Furqan Qureshi

Clearly focussed on Thought Leadership, Coaching, Training, and Consulting. Envisioning the future of your business while sitting in your office gives an Inside-Out view. With Thought Leadership you receive an Outside-In perspective, explore the unexplored, the real customer view and a strategy as a deliverable for the new challenge. In Coaching & Training, with 35+ years of work experience, I bring the market practices into the classroom. This includes selling skills - with B2B Selling Skills being a specialty, leadership skills, communication skills, relationship management, business change management skills, and digital transformation. Going forward the training portfolio will be enhanced. As Consultant, the focus will be, on adding value to a business, for companies with a strategic intent to diversify and/or struggling to grow existing business and/or planning to pursue digital transformation. 

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Haroon Baig

Haroon Baig

Co Founder of Emperors Bazaar

Emperors Bazaar

Farhad Shafqat Qayyum

Manager Incubation

NIC Peshawar

Dr. Shoaib Ahmed Khan


Center for Advanced Research in Engineering

Kaleem Ullah

Manager Incubation & Acceleration Program

NIC Lahore