Durshal CIL

Promoting entrepreneurship, digital skills and community development through co-working spaces

The goal of Durshal Community Innovation Labs is to ensure the success of resident startups by not only providing them the necessary resources but also equipping them with the crucial business know-how. All incubated startups will be provided access to a network of mentors who could potentially guide them towards their true north during their entrepreneurial journey. To that end, startups incubated at each Durshal will be required to participate in mandatory training/learning sessions which will be delivered at a preselected Durshal location and will be telecast live to the rest of Durshal locations. The idea is to leverage technology to save both time and logistics costs associated with traveling.

Why Join Durshal CIL?

List of perks and facilities offered at Durshal

Monthly Stipends

Each startup member will be provided a monthly stipend of Rs. 30,000/- for the first 3 months so that they can concentrate on building the next big thing

6 months Incubation cycle

Durshal’s 6-months intensive program has been designed keeping in view the requirements of local startups

Networking Opportunities

Networking opportunities with fellow startups and by attending different events.

Workshops and Bootcamps

Opportunity to attend workshops and bootcamps to make your startup a success 

Resident Entrepreneur

We believe in continuous mentorship and that is why each Durshal CIL will have a resident entrepreneur

Access to Funds

At Durshal we believe that your success is our success and that is why we are willing to go the extra mile by offering seed money up to Rs. 12 Million per cohort and connecting with the other investors and grants

National and International Exposures

Get National and International Exposures by attending events/conferences fully sponsored by Durshal

Acceleration Support

All the startups will be provided with opportunities to accelerate through the partner acceleration programs.

Mentorship & Coaching

Every startup will have a dedicated coach and will have access to carefully selected mentors who would help resident startups build a business around their tech ideas