Zash Fashion

Durshal Mardan (3rd Cohort)

Import and sell branded items from the US, UK and UAE in Pakistan. ZaSh is about variety of branded items at reasonable prices and from personal fashion to home decor we exhibit everything for customers; our idea is to be an online hypermarket that offers everything for everyone. We post actual sales and discounts on brands and let customers decide if they want to buy or not instead of bulk buying and force-selling our choices. We offer quality international products that can suit everyone's budget. Customers have the freedom to buy best products on a discount (via sales) or latest collections on actual prices. Another niche we have is that our products have competitive prices like local products but quality and value is of brand. The exception is of new collection which of course can't be sold below price. Our goal is to create long-term customer satisfaction and Awareness by impacting prevalent shopping behaviors of buying things based on price tag to purchasing for value, quality
and durability of the items.

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