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To extend the human potential to see beyond the possibilities and accelerate the business progress to improve the lives of people.


Veezlo app connects advertisers with ambassadors (drivers) to advertise on their vehicles. It is a location based dynamic advertising platform that converts cars’ rear windshields, doors and even the full car into the advertising spots. Veezlo gives a perfect opportunity to the advertisers to get their Ads on the roads in the target geography to reach the consumers right where they are. Veezlo strategically place the ads or the messages in front of thousands of potential customers around malls, high traffic venues and events to reach highly captive audience in the targeted geography.

Veezlo is designed with a concept to accelerate the progress of businesses, especially the small ones, to bring them in the attention of their customers to generate effective visibility around their brands, products and businesses with more control on their promotions, advertisements and performance.

Businesses can target geographies in real time and measure the response. The ambassadors (drivers) get paid for every mile they promote the brand on the road.


Every business wants to grow and increase the sales to be profitable. But 90% of the businesses fail just because they cannot communicate to their audience. For any business to survive, it must communicate its existence to their target audience and get the eyes of the customers on its product or business.

Specially, small businesses have a dire need to get the eyes of the customers on their brands, generate visibility and sales to survive and it’s important for the economic growth.

Majority of businesses use advertisements as a tool to communicate to their customers that their business or product exist. However, they just can’t afford costly marketing campaigns and because of its high costs, many businesses are staying behind the curtains and go unnoticed.


Veezlo mobile app provides access to the cost effective advertising to the businesses and generate real time visibility for them. It connects the businesses to the drivers through highly intelligent app.

Veezlo offers instant visibility around the city just with the tap of a button and showcase the ad on the cars to the potential customers.

Businesses can create a campaign on Veezlo app and book an ad space on the cars with just the tap of a button. Veezlo app connects them instantly to drivers to launch the ad in the specific geography.

Advertisers can:

  1. Measure the ad performance in real time
  2. Live tracking of the cars to see where their ads are moving in the city
  3. See the estimated impression
  4. Pay only when their ad is live on the road and pay per km price

Business model

Veezlo engages both B2B and B2C. Veezlo has two types of customers, i.e Advertisers and ambassadors. Our company runs on a revenue sharing model in which we share our revenues with our ambassadors.


Veezlo believes in the value creation rather than the competition. The other players in the market is helping us to achieve our broader purpose and Veezlo would work together with them in the collaboration in future. There are some of the startups who works in the same line of business but what makes us stand out is the instant process and technological inclusion transferring the power to advertisers and offers more freedom.

Competitive advantage

Our competitive advantage is in our unique instant process and concept of engaging technology for making advertising industry efficient. We have introduced on-demand space booking and business intelligence tools that helps the advertisers to get their ads live instantly in any city and any zone with more control on ads performance. We are driven by the purpose to extend the human potential to see beyond the possibilities and accelerate the business progress to improve the lives of people.

Market size

Pakistan’s advertising industry is growing and has reached to PKR 70 billion which makes it a huge market to operate in. SMEs constitute nearly 90% of all the enterprises in Pakistan; employ 80% of the non-agricultural labor force; and their share in the annual GDP is 40%, approximately.


Veezlo understands its responsibility for giving back to the society and concerned about the issues the world is facing. That is why, Veezlo is operating on the revenue sharing model to share its revenues with its ambassadors (driver) to improve their lives and contribute into sustainable development goals and generally extending the human potential to see the problems and help eradicate them to make an eco-friendly environment.

Team Members - Veezlo

Meet the list of cool folks behind Veezlo

Aamir Khurshed
Shahzad Ahmad
Hassan khurshed
Sayyed Farooq shah