Urban Meats

Durshal Bannu UST (1st Cohort)

Urban meats is a solution to one of the biggest problems that are being faced by the people of Pakistan, the problem that causes several diseases sometimes which even leads to Death of the certain individual, these diseases are mostly foodborne and the major source of which is unhygienic and unhealthy meat that is being sold on the streets of Pakistan. Urban meat shop is launched in Dera Ismail Khan in order to solve this problem where one can get healthy, hygienic and fresh meat all under one shop and a healthy environment. Urban meat shop has an experienced team working in order to provide the best quality meat one has to offer. Our meat goes through a thorough process in order to be safe for consumption, this process includes anti mortem of the animal, properly supervised slaughtering, post mortem, deliverance to the shop in hygienic transport and selling of meat in a healthy and hygienic environment. We have a routine of checking our meat from our expert DVMs daily in order to maintain the quality of food. Urban meat has some of the finest machinery for the processing of meat so that we can provide our customers with the finest meat cuts in the entire town.

email: urbanmeatshop@gmail.com


Team Members - Urban Meats

Meet the list of cool folks behind Urban Meats

Aashir Farooq
Daniyal Ahmed
IT Professional and Developer
Muhammad Adnan Khan
Finance Manager
Muhammad Umar
Sales and Delivery Incharge