University Lunch Cafe

Durshal Bannu UST (1st Cohort)

Bannu is a typical example where the local food points are less dynamic, less professional, and less innovative. They work on traditional lines and do not embrace change. The conditions of local food centers and delivery services provide us with a vibrant opportunity to embark on the shortcomings in the existing food business in Bannu by opening a new food restaurant with delivery services. It will be branded as “University lunch Cafeteria” It will be different from the rest of the food and coffee shops in Bannu. We are introducing a different look, environments, products, and services. We will provide neat, clean and healthy products and a better environment where teachers and students can enjoy their precious time. The brand of our business will be associated with healthy and fresh food, professionalism, a positive approach, and quick service. While the target customers of our business need lunch at their desks. We will provide them with a free office delivery service. Most of our target customers will be educated people in offices. We will provide our customers with an option of online order through a mobile application.




Team Members - University Lunch Cafe

Meet the list of cool folks behind University Lunch Cafe

Musaddiq Hussain
Abdul Mujeeb Khan
Web Developer
Numan Khan
Marketing Officer
Adnan Shah
Finance Manager