Durshal Abbottabad (1st Cohort)

UHOM is providing hybrid technological solutions for home automation and surveillance system. It lets you control and monitor the status of your electric appliances of different brands or manufacturers wirelessly.

Other on-demand services include special features like Smart Lightning, Thief Detection, Gas Leakage Monitoring and controlling Automatic Doors through Interactive user-friendly mobile application.

UHOM provides customized products according to customer requirements and needs with cutting edge technologies like Bluetooth, WiFi, GSM, and LoR: 


email: uhom.pk@gmail.com

website: www.uhom.pk

Team Members - UHom

Meet the list of cool folks behind UHom

Adil Khan
CEO and Founder
Muhammad Bilal
Art Production Manager
Ali Ejaz
Chief Marketing Manager
Sarmad Rehman
System Engineer