Talk Infinity

Durshal Peshawar (2nd Cohort)

Talk Infinity formally is a web-based therapy project. The word “infinity” gives the surety that we will go to great lengths to help out community – Infinitely!

Talk Infinity is introducing a chance for the public to seek psychological assistant that every human being should be able to have. Timely psychological help can ensure that our community remains able to maintain their efficiency at work and peace in their personal lives. It incorporates everything from daily stressors to issues that cause strong mental disturbances. Online therapy can ensure everyone everywhere can avail or provide psychological assistance, free from the immense constraints of culture experienced in Pakistan. It will eliminate further barriers created by time, distance, and even finances to make their lives easier. The targeted markets are the General public with (especially females), Educational Institutes, Health Institutes interested in maintaining their customers or growing their psychological experts, and Private institutions with the high-stress work environment. The inspiration for this endeavor comes from the desire to make the world a better, psychologically healthy place, starting from Pakistan.


Team Members - Talk Infinity

Meet the list of cool folks behind Talk Infinity

Hunain Tahir
Mahrukh Iqbal
Business Development Officer
Imran Jamshid
HR Manager
Khizar Zia
Finance Officer