Pakhtun Wardrobe

Durshal Swat (2nd Cohort)

Pakhtun Wardrobe is an e-commerce platform embarked on the journey to uplift the artisans and provide an imminent platform to their talent, i.e. artifacts.

We classify our artifacts in Apparels, Accessories and Home Decore items and measure it with a simple standard of three qualities: Exquisite, Indigenous and Handcrafted.

Pakhtun Wardrobe is a platform where we do offline and online sales of all our products (Peshawari Chappals, Shawls, Waistcoats, etc.) through TCS. These products are hand-made representing Pakhtun Culture along with that we do our own product packaging with a new look that attracts customers. We receive offline and online demands The Payment is collected either by TCS, Bank or by Easy Paisa. These all are different ways to facilitate our customers. We also provide free exchange and free return offers to our customers. We engage our customers on every social media platform just to grab the market as much as possible.



Team Members - Pakhtun Wardrobe

Meet the list of cool folks behind Pakhtun Wardrobe

Haris Badar
Hamza Badar
Muhammad Anwar
Noor Alam Khan
Software Developer