Oxygen Business Technologies

Durshal Peshawar (2nd Cohort)

Oxygen aims to transform the internal bookkeeping system that is ingrained in us especially in a market like KPK, for decades. Our goal is to create and offer such software to the growing businesses that they can easily access, integrate and manage their data through an effective and efficient ERP system. The purpose of product development is to improve the quality of work for our users. Our current target audience is the Schools/Colleges of the KPK. With the help of secondary data available online we have a list of schools and colleges that are presently functioning in KPK.  We chose the education sector as our target audience because KPK as a province lacks modernization when it comes to implementing technology and a lot of good running businesses do not have the knowledge and skills on how to overcome the everyday increasing burden of unnecessary paperwork for data collection/record keeping.

website: http://oxygenbt.com/

Team Members - Oxygen Business Technologies

Meet the list of cool folks behind Oxygen Business Technologies

Kamran Khan
Maimona Bukhari
Marketing Officer
Muhammad Ibrahim
Senior Deveoloper
Shams Uddin
Junior Developer