Marron (Handmade beauty & skin care products)

Durshal Peshawar (2nd Cohort)

To begin with, “Marron” which is a French word means “brown”. The reason we chose this name is that brown relates to the color of soil, through which we want to emphasize on the quality of our product. 

Above all, Marron is a cosmetics company that produces products made up of natural herbs and essential oils with no harmful chemicals. We are targeting people who are conscious of their daily health care routine. Unfortunately, instead of using pure organic skin-friendly products, people tend to use products made up of toxic chemicals. As per research, KP has the highest ratio of skin cancer, where these highly toxic cosmetics brands are taking the leading role due to lack of awareness. This motivated us to come up in the market with a mission to educate people about organic and toxic brands by providing pure herbal products. The women's employment rate in Pakistan is 25%, our long-term goal is to work for women empowerment and make them independent citizens.  Apart from that, research shows that women spend most of their money on education and healthcare. Consequently, Marron will place women employees and will train them for their own small businesses. As a result, it will educate the masses and will bring much needed financial stability to the individuals.


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Syeda Shaista Khushbakht
Shafaat Ali Shah