Durshal Peshawar (2nd Cohort)

The word “beautiful” has been missing from the solar industry’s vocabulary – until now.

HelioAge is introducing Renewable energy system technology that allows solar panels to track the movement of the sun to aid solar energy systems and skyrocket the efficiency. Our energy solution incorporates the HelioAge Inverter technology, to further increase the efficiency of the system by a huge margin, and boasts a smaller form factor and reduced weight, capable of Off-Grid and On-grid capabilities. The system also makes use of weatherproofing technology for protection against hail storms & strong winds to ensure the protection of the customer’s hard-earned investment. The targeted market is Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Government sector, Private institutions, Government developmental projects. The inspiration for this endeavor comes from NASA Parker solar probe and plants (Sunflower in particular).

email: thesyedhabibullah@gmail.com

Team Members - HelioAge

Meet the list of cool folks behind HelioAge

Founder & CEO
Aizaz Ahmed
HR Head
Syed Abbas Shah
Technical Head
Awais ud Din
Administration Head