Durshal Peshawar (1st Cohort)

The project is about authenticating academic certificates on block chain. As we know that now a day this problem is becoming more prevalent that we cannot differentiate between the original and fraud degrees. Sometimes we face a lot of problems while when we are verifying our degrees from an institution or university. Time comes that we don’t have access to the university or sometimes we need it urgently but as a result it takes a lot of time in doing so. sometimes we come across with documents that are not authentic and we cannot differentiate between the original and pro-original one. Keeping all these problems in mind we have proposed that block chain is the best solution for this.

Design is like that we will be using 3 APIs Teirion, Rethink and Pubnub. Similarly, node.js is used in it we use a sha-256 algorithm in order to convert our file to a string of hash. that hash is then stored and uploaded to bitcoin block chain along with a timestamp. The main thing that differentiate between the two same documents is the time stamp from that we can verify whether which one is actual one. Similarly, once the transaction is done we can verify the document hash through the verify option. If the transaction is valid so it will give us a receipt of transaction that at this time your transaction is done and if the transaction is not valid so it will notify us that this does not match with it. By this way we can verify every document not only degrees but land records, licenses, etc.

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