Aqua Green

IM Durshal (1st Cohort)


“Aqua Green” uses state of the art technology to automate the irrigation system and facilitate management of the water network.


Fresh water being a finite resource is progressively becoming scarcer due to persistent increases in its competing demands. Water Policy 2018: “Pakistan running dry by 2025”. As Pakistan is an agricultural land and a lot of water is lost during irrigation. So measures should be taken to minimize water wastage.

We tend to provide a solution to water resource management.

  1. Have trouble remembering to water those plants?
  2. Want to go on vacation but fear the worst for your container garden if you do?
  3. Fear no more with an automatic plant watering system!
  4. We make sure your plants are watered right, giving you freedom to tend to whatever you need to while still producing those healthy plants.
  5. It’s reliable and durable.
  6. Above all its cost efficient.


To prevent severe water management crisis by becoming a leading efficient water management services provider in a society that manages natural resources properly.


Striving to offer a solution that is capable of automated and controllable water management through land monitoring, plant monitoring, remote access and cost efficiency, using IoT technology and different environmental sensors.


We have a device that can take your manual plant watering to a whole new level. We provide a device that is easily installed in your home garden or any farm area and your plants/crops are watered accurately and when the water requirement is fulfilled the water pump is automatically switched off. Thus minimizing water wastage up to 75%.


There is a controllable app provided for free for manual control. You can monitor your soil and plant health through the app. Also control watering of your plants on your fingertips if they need an extra care of when and how much to be watered.


  1. Smart work
  2. Efficiency
  3. Sustainability

Target Market:

  1. Residential Gardens
  2. Green Houses
  3. Progressive Farmers
  4. Any Agriculture Sector

Team Members - Aqua Green

Meet the list of cool folks behind Aqua Green

Aiman Abbas
Asma Razaq
Faaiz Majeed
Fizza Majeed